Thursday, March 26, 2015


i have her...
i don’t need her.
We don’t need each other.
It’s all flesh and bones.
We are moving stones.
Feeling living the killing satisfaction
With the available timid attraction.
Please dump yoour past
Cause present is full of action
Work oriented encounter
Lost in memoirs to calm down her.
There conversation not helpful
Proving class difference dreadful

Makes me the father of sickness
I drive to the cemetery
In search of morbid victory
I have nothing
Eyes offer hunting
They all are accumulating
Karma and i am doing nothing
Just sitting and sulking
No one knows me
No one owes me
I am living dead body
No one  foes me/cares me/choose  me
Me is the dying element burning soul

Fire getting hold of whatever can roll.  

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