Saturday, March 21, 2015


I the monologue
We the audience
And you???
You the absent.

Well then
Who the miss understood
Standing out bare foot
Don’t ask her out
She has ache in tooth

Oh my chord I hear
Music-deprived hoot 
Well Well Well
That’s some parachute
Suspended in ecstasy
On borrowed weed
Whom no one needs
Oh spare me your gentle heeds                                            
There is heap of unsown seeds
Must be pass out with no leads


Getting back to our dispute
Let’s keep the oscillating truth
That’s the mere ingredient
Which the PR HR constitutes.
As wages for their fun and food
Wow such equilibrium
In relationships
Tell me the amplitude
Hey leave it them
With gratitude and simple happy solitude

Well then say some sell den
In German they say auf wiedersehen
meaning Bye bye till we meet again

I know

We depart just to be again
Let’s not have that game again
I crossed a century and history
To witness your beauty and brains.


Om my lord did I just….
Hate me love me but don’t
Don’t observe me  
Share your grief
Will bring you relief

LADY:  Are You from advertising firm?
Every word of yours is hitting pitch.
Ohkay let me confess language is a bitch
And literature, all about how to pitch that bitch.

LADY: Holy shit!!
Are you out of your wits?
Say so you may say so lady.
As your conscience is limited to hairgrip.

Oh no not again!!

Ignorance shower in vain.
Creature deprived of wisdom
Looking at mirrors full of barren lane
Confused market driven middle class city dwellers
She is no more in the hands of dreams that got over.

Leave her… to her… for her…
YES, She loves purr purr purr…

To be Meshram…  again
Auf wiedersehen.

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