Sunday, December 2, 2012

i love her, i love her, i love her and that's why i am gonna wait for her. . .

uff this rejection of yours
is killing me

I am stuck in a position
and you have left me
without uttering a single word.
You should have helped me
I should have asked for help . .
but you are too busy
with your own world
and problems and people.
I don't want to act
like clingy again.
You know how it feels
and I appreciate that
You are good, caring, polite
I am bad, careless and impolite
24*7 I only think of you
Its only you who
flows in my blood mind soul.
who gives me energy
a hope to live
a hope which i myself
don't know when is
going to be a reality.
Yet everyday i am fighting
with myself for you only
Its hard to fight alone
please don't leave me in the middle.